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Let’s speak about (No) Intercourse A Closer Glance at Japan’s ‘Virginity Crisis’

In light of the latest research, it is time for you to reconsider the exoticization of japanese behavior that is sexual.

Rates of virginity in Japan are never as high as formerly reported, and socioeconomic status appears to try out a job in determining heterosexual experience among guys, in accordance with our recently posted research . Offered our findings, it’s time to reconsider the exoticization of japanese behavior that is sexual most readily useful exemplified because of the BBC’s 2013 documentary, “No Sex Please, We’re Japanese.”

Considering that the turn regarding the millennium, young Japanese grownups have actually evidently started to lose need for sex and intimate relationships, a trend referred to as sekkusu-banare (literally, “drifting far from sex”). The 2010 and 2015 summary reports from Japan’s National Fertility Survey revealed that a lot more than 40 per cent of never-married Japanese 18-34-years-old reported no experience of heterosexual sexual intercourse. Obviously, these reports – along with those of other surveys on attitudes toward dating and closeness – were met with conjecture why youth that is japanese small need for sex, which range from calculated assertions about Japanese work tradition and financial stagnation to more unconventional justifications, commonly illustrated by the portrait of the middle-aged guy opting away from intimate relationships with flesh-and-bl d ladies in benefit of cavorting with a video clip game heroine.

On the list of slew of articles covering Japan’s expected virginity crisis, some did actually forget that the National Fertility Survey figures were strictly for never-married people just, rather reporting that more than 40 % of all of the Japanese teenagers were virgins (including reports by BBC and CNN ). (more…)